VIDEO – Moner Oneraiser Arnem x C29 crew Read more

On this short video, Moner, Oneraider and Arnem, that represent for Cartel 29 (Brest, Nantes…), are painting a huge wall under a bridge. Cosmic style, huge pieces and nice background. Quite representative of the actual C29 productions. More the guys …


The website Spraydaily released a serie of video untitled Traces (it’s also the name of an upcoming book). The second of this serie is dedicated to the old timer Rens. On this short film you will see Rens painting his …


Tags and Throws just dropped a new bomb with their last video untitled “Bombing with Uzi” that focused on the train and street bomber from Stockholm: Uzi. On this 13 minutes long black and white video, Tags and Throws follows …

VIDEO – Freshmax x Mafia x Boicut Read more

In this new videoseries !ON Art Austria takes a look behind the scenes and present diffrent steps and processes of creating various kinds of art. Enjoy watching artists Freshmax, Mafia and Boicut when doing their work and get to know …

VIDEO -REZO at Jardin Rouge Read more

The guys at Plan9 Entertainment visited the Jardin Rouge in Marrakech and filmed Reso VMD when he was writing some throw-ups around the spot.

The Daily Old Crimes PT.63 Read more

Blade Delta2 Sharp Dero Duster RTW Fade Joey Part Skim Skeme Rasta

Can’t stop throwing up PT.7 Read more

Akbar Pone Sufer Adek Horfe Rizot Saeio Premz Stane Anice SPone Yes2 Staino Kurir That Comic Staze Staze Akbar

VIDEO – GHENTIZM – Gent trainspotting Read more

The Vimeo channel Ghentizm publish since middle of last year some nice trainspotting videos of the trains passing through the Gent-Sint Pieters station located in the south of Gent (Belgium). Here are down below the materials!

VIDEO – 200 Berlin trainspotting sequences Read more

Since about a year, the King Mario 22 posts some Berlin S-bahn trainspotting video on his youtube account. About 200 short video sessions are available. We put here a few of them but make sure to have a complete overview …

VIDEO – BRUCE & MINA in HAVING fun in #BCN Read more

Bruce and Mina (Paris/Berlin) present a report of their street activities during a trip to Barcelona. They spend some time painting throw-ups and handstyles everyhere they can in the city. A really nice video that let us think throw-up is …

SKETCH BATTLE – Overkill / Molotow Read more

Overkill Berlin and Molotow organise a sketch battle that will take place at Overkill office on March 14th (20H). The music will be played by our man and goldfinger DJ, Dejoe. Overkill will by the jury of this event and …

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