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The Daily old crimes PT.62 Read more

DC3 TDC Dome Dome TDC Ven Seen UA Kel CIA Slurp Ghost & Cav RIS Blade Mad  by Seen & Duster UA

The Daily Old Crimes PT.49 Read more

KelOne Tracy168 Seen UA Revolt Rasta RTW PJ & Seen UA Ghost RIS Chichi133 A-One

The Daily Old Crimes PT.46 Read more

Including letters by Kel One, Mesh AOK,  Van2, Part, Wips, Ghost, Dondi.  

VIDEO – Ket Ghost Zeno Bruz painting the ghost yard Read more

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1khn3TetOYc[/youtube] Here is an extract from the Videograf 5 where we see Ket, Ghost, Zeno and Bruz  painting panels and throw-ups on the cars of the famous ghost yard in 1992. Ket and Ghost are interviewed for the occasion. The Rockin …

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

with the styles of DC3 TDC, Revolt,4 times Omni 156, Lee, Ghost RIS and Kurl by Doze. All flicks from HERE, HERE and HERE  

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

Stendhal Syndrome in progress Read more

As a warm up to the exhibiton Stendhal Syndrome that was shown at Tv?•lpalatset in Stockholm this past weekend, a couple of the organizers and artists came by WeSC Kungsgatan to cover the windows in art!

Ghost RIS video Read more

Ghost event in Copenhagen Read more

09-08-09 Flickr update Read more

20 flix from all over (Nov York, Sader, Gebes, Yulk, Ghost, Stok, Rue, Clint, Kaos, Keats…)

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