Serval interview

Check the interview of the stylewriter Serval from 7$ crew done by the guys of Montana Austalia.

How and when did you start painting? Where are you from and where are you living now? Tell us about yourself.

Hi, I’m Serval, started writing in 1992 in Geneva Switzerland. I’m originally American, lived here and there and now back in Switzerland.

You have a distinct style that is based on the traditional NYC graffiti style, but with your own flavors, rhythms and flows. Tell us how you developed this style, what influenced it or how it came about?

I think there are three reasons for those influences. The main would be that I moved back to Philadelphia in 1997, and was exposed to a lot of PF, QM8, BA, classic Philly styles, which were heavily influenced by NY at least as far as pieces go. Mostly guys like Sat, Dan and Pre. The second would be that when I got into that kind style, there was a lot of work by ReyOne in my hometown, he was going back and forth from Seattle, and already rocking the crazy styles with Sneke, Hews and DVS, so that had a big impact on me, plus the guy was real cool, always supportive and dropping knowledge. And then finally a trip to Heidelberg where I was exposed to a lot of TPM stuff that was a blow to the head then (and now).

Complete interview here.


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