BadYpnoz is that kind of secret writer, famous for his crazy handstyle that seems to be out of a galaxy you wasnt part of.. Mixing calligraphy and old school lettering, the man been travelling thru the city for years. I bet you’ve seen this tag numerous times but never  had a clue of who and where this guy was from. I would say ‘BadYp’ is a shady writer but  never sleeps and be always around if not next to you. He barely uses spraycan, his weapon of choice is the classic Conté Marker, that let him express his crazy style as he  likes and feels. its been a while i haven’t ran into him and his bike patrolling the hood . I was stucked this morning when i got an email  with an heavy attachment, i guess times has changed and now he’s ready to ‘Ypnotized you badly’ with spraycans!!!! get ready to be put to sleep!!!






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