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Nassyo of the VAD crew from Paris  have his own website including lot of artworks and graffiti pictures. Check his art after the jump.

“Nassyo has his own world.
He lives in Paris and learnt everything he knows on his own. He likes to paint transformations, with images coming from nature, which is for him a never ending inspiration, construction sites, with machines that can build or destroy, car factories and their lines, where workers and robots cross path, the human anatomy, and the mechanics of its origins… all these themes and prisms help him explore and find new ways of staging what surrounds us, which he does quite often with a touch of romantic cynicism.
Spontaneity, immediacy of creation and gratuity, all reverberating to street art and graffiti where he began, are the key mechanisms which allow this visual scholar to create ‘graphic viruses’ as he himself call them. They are both viruses and remedies indeed against the visual boredom that comes from the overall standardization and the ever-present desire to become a star at all cost. While doing that, he also strives to reconcile present and past, mixing classical instruments with modern ones such as markers, spray paint or ink…
Nassyo also do drawings, multiplying colors and forms in a plentiful exuberance which is not afraid of itself. He will then sometimes put the dogma aside for a minute, while still making a point of doing things his own way, and create some street art that is as rough as the street itself, with sure and supple gesture, and a refined writing where one can feel how attentive he is to every single detail…”





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