Juice Festival 2011 – Toulouse – Photo report

In the last weekend of october, the Juice Festival 2011 took place in Toulouse, in the south west of France, for his 9th edition.The Graffiti jam was hosted by Reso. Here is a part of my photo report. Graffiti, B Boy contest, painting & dancing show cases, rap concerts were at the menu.

A huge bunch of writers from all over Europe were there, like Zeus & Rota from the Wildboys, Mr. Wany, Onicks, Jaye, Gris 1, Izzy, Aple 76, Lenz, W?ºna, Apash, Rekor, Pariz, Musa, Hose, Siken and many more.

The main theme of the jam was Comic books & Marvel Heroes.Here is a link to the Juice Festival’s official website.

Cool weather, nice food & great people, what else ?

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Photos by Supadope




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mur 4

mur 5

mur 6

Photos by Photograff92


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