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We received this very refreshing video, filmed in a poor district of Jakarta.

Share the Word is an art project led by photographer Spag and graffiti artist Seb Toussaint, set in different slums and low income neighbourhoods around the world. The first episode takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Share The Word is the Outsiders Krew’s first worldwide art project, mixing graffiti, photography and film, and using art to create bridges between cultures. The Krew chooses to work inside each neighbourhood for 3 to 5 weeks, and asks each household to give them one word that they want to express. Each word will then become the main feature of a spontaneously-painted mural by artist Seb Toussaint. Spag, as the Krew’s photographer, works to illustrate the chosen words by capturing scenes of daily life and portraits of locals, telling the story of the neighbourhood through his art. The project also aims to get the local community involved by encouraging the children to paint and learn graffiti by giving art classes on the streets.

This video was shot by the Outsiders Krew in Kampung Bayur, a neighbourhood of East Jakarta, in Indonesia. In a little more than 3 weeks, 15 murals were painted with words chosen by the inhabitants. All the murals were painted in freestyle.

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