Honet, ‘Initiation to Fantastic Realism’ (Ruttkowski;68, Cologne/Germany)

French street artist Honet taps into both creativity and curiosity to produce his works. The former graffiti writer-turned-artist is intrigued by the remnants of former generations. His pursuit of artifacts and bio-facts, and his hunger for architecture and cultural landscapes has led him down tunnels, up on roofs, and through every other level in between. Honet records his experiences figuratively, creating illustrations that thrill the art world and provide a legacy for urbanity’s undiscovered corners. His works are like history books that tell of places forgotten, neglected or underestimated.
For his current solo exhibition, Honet treads a thin line between reality and fiction. He embarks on an imaginary journey across planets, black holes and nebulae, probing into biology, histology, anatomy and mythology. There is a collaboration with French artists Ketty Sean and L’Outsider midway, before the tour concludes with Initiation to Fantastic Realism, a showcase of canvases, screen prints, sculptures, photos and post cards.
Production: Filmbuch – Filmproduktion (filmbucht.com)
Music: Shades of Grey – Sebastian Morawietz


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