Gris interview “Conversation over a bottle of wine”

I read this interview  of the writer GrisOne last month but totaly forget to share it with you. Finally here it is: “Conversation over a bottle of wine”.

Who is Gris?

Gris is a kid. I am 31 years old but its like if i was 16 or 17. I am the same person as when I started painting, o at least I think so. The Gris of today hasn’t lost his ideas because he doesn’t want to grow up. I don’t like the society we live in, so I prefer to live in my world, the world of my crews, Da Mental Vapors, Greetings, AYCE, XPLORER, W73. They are my groups that like to create projects with, walls, expos and travel around.

Why did you start painting?

I don’t know. I found some cans in my neighbors house when I was a kid. I took them and wrote the name of the girl I was seeing at that time so I could see it on my way to school. I liked the idea that everyone could see that it was there…

And why do you keep painting?

Because I have no other passion. To me its like boxing, I let my feelings go, and its a lot better than fighting.. more creative.

Full interview on MTN blog

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