Grim Times interview with Func88 from Paris


It was about time that we link up with Func88 aka Turs from the Grim Team and UB crews for an exclusive interview about him and his graffx.
His amount of work thru the years is pretty impressive and he is definitely one of the most underrated designers and graffiti artist from paris..

What’s up func? To get started Tell us a little bit about your background and history.
Well I started reproducing some Bob Haro drawings from BMX Action Magazine in the mid 80‚Ä?s, and also some OTB in Bicross magazine a bit later. Then, as the second wave of skateboarding reaches Europe at the end of the decade, I was influenced by skateboards graphics, people like C.R Stecyk and his Venice graffitis (The rat bones) which I started to tag on the local spot.
In 87 I discovered Subway Art and fell in love with the letter pieces. One year later I did my first crappy piece with a bunch of buddies : a “funcrime”. From that point I really started my journey into graphism.

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