INDIAN SUMMER WEEK Pt.1 – Pro176 x Nomad x Emir x Drik wall

Las week the german boys Nomad and Emir from Hamburg and Drik from Berlin visit Pro176 in Valancia. The results are a full week of intense painting that we will show you here every day this week. We start with the first wall and some words from Pro176 that described quite well the way they are doing stylewriting.

Once again the GFA RTZ OBS boys are reunited on the Valencia playground. The participants of this edition, we call “Indian summer” are: Nomad the teacher, Drik the Villain, Prince Pro176 and Emir. As I’m far away from my partners, I waited for this moment like every year in order to elaborate new walls with a full dose of lettering styles. As we are all issued from the “Spraycan Art” school I consider we give back the noble letters to this kind of graffiti we call Wildstyle. Not that many writers cross swords with this discipline in 2013. In my mind, our respective crews are the European guardians of it. Doing backgrounds, giving a direction in our painting, doing characters and spending 3 days on a piece is something that request mental strength and love for graffiti. Of course we also relax with some silver pieces and burners!! All this week, follow the recap of these 8 intense painting days in partnership with Lectrics!  – Pro176


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