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Fits from Fame crew Stockholm is that sort of writers known for painting trains but who can also write is name on a wall or a canvas. Fits is a complete writer with style and letter forms that are never the same from a piece to another. Interested in the Acme corp. characters, he likes to add Bugs Bunny, Daff Duck or the Tiny Toons around his pieces. He is also in galleries and takes part in some great events like They call us Vandal in Lublin or Örebro Konsthall in Örebro.

Fits is not a writer the pieces of whom can see so much everywhere on the web, but things may maybe change as he just opened an Instagram account that you can watch HERE. If you want to know more about him, don’t forget to check his own website where you can see different projects he has done in the pervious years. It’s HERE.

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