1UP interview – 7 questions/7 trains

A few weeks ago the 1UP crew from Berlin brang out a very qualitative double DVD with about 4 hours of world wide graffiti content.¬† We wanted to know more about this uncommon crew that have for motto “One Crew – One Love – One Power”.

1- You seem to have a different vision of writing your name. I mean, all of you are all focused on painting your crew name and not your own name (a little bit like the Moas) . Some of you don’t have a “real” graffiti name just a nickname. It’s quite surprising in this game where lots of us are focused on our name and our fame. What’s the idea behind this ?

Hey we are 1UP, which means One United Power, so our goal is our crew, our family, our friendship ! In this stupid graffiti world, everything is based on everyone’s ego, and some of us found out that they didn’t have to have their own name to be writers.¬†And to work with others on one piece helps you of course to be quicker, but furthermore to know and understand better the people you’re painting and living with. Even for the style, it’s so fun to mix inspirations from your close friends and style from different people on one graff…


2 – Going in Berlin and not seeing you is like impossible. In the past years, you were mainly focused on your city but now you are like world wide focused. Is it like a second step on your “crew career”?

Our idea of writing was at first to love our neibourhood and our city, and our way to make love to berlin was to fuck her really deep, love and hate are so close, but we are definitly in the loving side of life ! After a while it appeared to us that we also had to be open minded and go further seeking adventures and new citys to make love to…but in fact we were travelling around since the early beginnings..


3 – The crew is basically from Kreuzberg – Berlin but it seems that you count a few foreigners. Please, tell us about that new european blood ?

We all are Kreuzbergerz ! We met a lot of people in our writing life, some good, some bad, some ugly, and those past years a really few mates from europe joined us, but the thing is not about graffiti, our story is a family business, and our new kids are all kreuzbergers from the outside, 61 in the heart !


4- The 1UP are not only focus on rooftop or trains, tags or whatever. You seems to be present in every writing disciplines. Is there any specialists on each discipline or are you all versatile ?

Train writing and metro addiction are kind of extremism, as this whole rooftop thing, and for us the goal of the game is to play in all categories, without falling too badly in any extremism… We are lovers, alta’ !
But of course some of us are more scared of heights than others, and some more focused on the tunnel dust…


5- One of your particularities is to always paint big. I remember your enormous letters on the rooftops of Berlin, seeing many wall car and trains. You seem to always think big, right ?

Yeah Man ! OneUnitedPowa’ i told you already !!
Painting big like you say is part of the writing history, it’s the reason why someone made is tag bigger and invented the graff, and it’s definitly part of our berliner writing history. If you can, close your eyes and try to remember how berlin looked like 10 to 15 years ago, dikka’ you will remember so many big chrome blockletters, and maybe realize that size does matter !


6- When we see your live actions on the subway platforms, we can only think about these old spanish actions (Bajo Tierra) where a writer pulls the emergency break in the subway and the rest of the crew paint the outside. Is that one of you major influence?

When we saw the first spanish Bajo Tierra video, we were really shocked ! A lot of people paints subways during traffic, with people inside the cars, everybody screaming, alarm signal. Man this was action painting !
So we decided to use this good old spanish technique in Berlin, because it was funny to do it here like this way, wich was quite unusual for our good old berlin…and that’s such a big adrenalin shot that after one you always want to taste it one more time, at your own risks…


7- You bring a double DVD. 8 years of the crew life. Please tell us about this bomb ?

The only thing i can tell wich hadn’t been told yet is to buy it. We wanted to do a DVD with more love than in other graff videos, more love and not always this same old shot where the writer comes, puts the camera behind him, paints his pannel and then shows it 5 times running… we offer quality footage and pictures, quality cut, action action, and something else, love i told you already !¬†So Buy it, streaming sucks, that’s illegal malaka !



If you want to order the double DVD “One United Power”, check on Yard5 online shop

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