Writer 101: Jeroo JDIS

The first time I met Jeroo was in 2006. Jeroo visited Paris and look for writers and walls. I think it was the guys of Stylefile that link us. He lived two days in a cheap Formule 1 hotel at 5 minutes of my place in the North of Paris . We first paint together a piece in the St Ouen hall of fame ( Horst was also their). The next day,  I suggest him to paint at Palais de Tokyo in Paris (at that time, they install a wall where you could paint). It’s a typical tourist place and I think he shoot his piece with the Eiffel tower on the back. I remember, he was quite happy.

Since, we meet us every year and sometimes more. Jeroo is one of this rare cool writer I meet this last decade. He have his own style that he develop year after year. Thanks to his color combos and some typical elements he used to paint, Jeroo creats a real atmosphere that makes you could recognize his pieces at the first second. He have something unique that give my respect. Definitely a talented writer that paint legal/semi legal pieces but also an artist that makes brilliant canvas. I let you check these few flix, some of them are rare and exclusif. Hope you like the selection.



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