Going back home on the 9 train tonite, i bump into my boy Jaya, havent seen him in like 6 or 7 years. I dont even remember the first time i met him, all i remember is that this kid was wild, a mixt of IRAK and SMART crew with a twist of west coast. One day of this early millenium, this guy was just lost in the middle of my neighborhood, i automatically knew he was a writer, we started clicking and trooping the city. He’s some kind of all out writer, you can find his name deep in Kreuzberg , in Brixton or far in the parisian suburb. Everytime i go to London ,im always trying to catch a picture of his huge blockbuster that you can see from the eurostar just entering the city.

One night, we was at some opening show in the space of a famous french designer that always been supporting graffiti, Moze was there too.. Free booze and shit, some guys had a 3ccd videocamera in the audience (which was the top cam at that time); i dont recall cleary how it happened but all i know is that when i got out of the gallery , the camera was in the hand of the kid! We went out all nite, doing some stupid video, i was too drunk to remember how this ended up but i wish with still have this tape!

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