VIDEO – Wolume 1 A Vandals way of life FULL VIDEO

Wolume 1 is a one and half hour video about train and subway writing in Sweden by one of the most active crew in Stockholm :  the WOL crew. The video was released in the end of 2012, contains a lot of action, panels, wall cars and of course many backjumps. The video his dedicated to Fredric also known as Asoc.

Wolume 1 featured pieces done by the crews: WOL, 3D, MRD, OBH, RGE, AOD, FOR, HPS, Y2K, OMG, KFD,WR, AQH, BIR, DRS, VIM, BST, CRS, HFU, RND, ABE, WCS, BRO, HSF, KEO, DCA, MTH, TOKE, BMF.



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