The dutch Graffiti artists Romeo and Mega of the NASTY SONS Crew finally passed by the Molotow headquarters to paint the famous Train of the company on a rainy saturday.Molotow had also the chance to interview both graffiti artists due their stay!

Please introduce yourself
R: Romeo from Daddy’s Nasty Sons! I started writing as a B-boy in 1984. Hip Hop and graffiti took a young kid by the throat and never let him go.
M: I’m Mega (43 years old) and I’m writing since 1985. I did my first “serious” piece in 1986 and I’m trying to do at least one piece a week. I’m working as a graphic designer and love typography.

To have an own train wagon in the backyard is…
R: …nice for practicing, but I don’t think that my wife would be happy about it.
M: …the perfect playground for a graffiti writer.

How did you get involved in this MOLOTOW™ train action?
R: As always, Mega sent me some dates and asked if I was down with it. As soon as I saw the picture of the train I said “YES let’s go…!”
M: We were invited to paint the train. I think it’s because of our long-term relationship with the brand and because our work fits perfectly to the train.

How would you describe your style and are there any inspirations?
R: My style is the result of many hours of drawing and maybe more hours of studying pieces from Dondi, Shoe, Seen and Duster.
M: Traditional Old School (New York) style with a focus on letters. They’ve got to have style and swing. I get inspiration from everything, just keep my eyes open. For instance, mother nature can come up with the craziest color combinations or movies can have some cool quotes which can serve as a nice title for a wall….

Romeo, working together with Mega is…?
R: …a nightmare! ;-) That guy is so fanatic it is just awesome. We have been painting together since 1988 and it is always fun and laughter while doing what we like best.

And Mega, working together with Romeo is…?
M: …perfect teamwork. When painting together, we always get more out of our work.

What do you associate with the brand MOLOTOW™?
R: I always say: “Style comes out of your hand and not out of a can!“ So as a writer you should be able to work with every spray can available. However, MOLOTOW™ makes a good piece so much fresher! It’s the colors and the quality of the paint what makes them special.

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