VIDEO – Lectrics Team and Molotow

Some weeks the Lectrics team drive to Germany to paint a very special train at the Molotow headquarter. We planed to do a sort of “strylewriting golden age” tribute by reproducing an early 80’s NYC car.
We go for panels instead of a classic huge wholecar, first because it was never done on this train and second, because we were too lazy to piece until the top of the car (haha!). Of course we also wanted to reproduce those top quality trains of the early age of stylewriting with side by side panels and many different aliases (still have in mind those crazy TDS, FBA, TC5.. stuff)

We dedicate this session to our man Skew, our Lectrics partner since day 1 (bro’ of course your name is tagged somewhere on that car!)

Oh! last but not least, the fresh boom bap beats used for that video are produced by maestro Raphaël Raistlin Macler -thanks for that!

Here is below a recap of the session.

csm_Lectrics_MTrain_028_DSC06559__d1884c9713 csm_Lectrics_MTrain_047_DSC06887__b603e32ee4 csm_Lectrics_MTrain_048_DSC06896__b1c701381b csm_Lectrics_MTrain_058_DSC07065__ac5d3088c4 csm_Lectrics_MTrain_059_DSC07072__80f37c259b csm_Lectrics_MTrain_076_DSC07246__abcab9dae1 csm_Lectrics_MTrain_076_DSC07246_1_2a5059ebe0 csm_Lectrics_MTrain_076_DSC07246_2_c1cb162cf5 csm_Lectrics_MTrain_076_DSC07246_3_b161efb52f csm_Lectrics_MTrain_076_DSC07246_4_ba67e4a58a csm_Lectrics_MTrain_078_DSC07250__e438b99ecf

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