VIDEO – Ket Ghost Zeno Bruz painting the ghost yard


Here is an extract from the Videograf 5 where we see Ket, Ghost, Zeno and Bruz  painting panels and throw-ups on the cars of the famous ghost yard in 1992. Ket and Ghost are interviewed for the occasion.

The Rockin it Suckers crew are one of that great crew from New-York known to be hard in the paint during the clean train movement. Most of them started in the middle 80′s (except for Fuzz that start in the late 70′s). Those guys were not only good at piecing panels but were also masters on throw-up and handstyle. Names like Veefer, Ja, Ket and Ghost were also masters at throw-up (and still) . At the end of 89 when all the cars were buffed lots of writers quit the scene. But the RIS were even more determinate to put the crew on the map. They keep on bombing the systems for years with the AOK and the COD.

Members are: Fuzz, Ket, Ghost, Ven, Zeno, Bruz, Duel, Noxer, Jaone, Reas, Sane, Eaone, Sane, Storm, Udz, Cro, Web, Dutch, Lost, Remote, Tekay, Magoo, Miro, Smog, Ant, Zeno, Sur167, Saint, Rec127, Sabe, Smart

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