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Having the Vandals book in hands since a few weeks already i wanted to absolutely write about it. First because Publikat didn’t publish any books since about two years and second because the quality of the book is really there. That’s two good reasons for me to present you this new book.
Vandals is a photography book about trainwriting. His author naming Nils Müller is a writer that move to photography since years already. Nils Müller is not as his first try, as he already published the book Bluetezeit in 2009. As for his first graffiti book, he did not focus on the results but on the way to do it and the emotional tension involves. Nils goes deep in the yards all over the world to immortalize the moment and not the pieces. Vandals retrace in 192 pages his journey in many big cities like Milan, NYC, Bucharest, Seoul or Paris. Reading this book , you can only admit that the guy have an incredible talent to catch the moment. You can easily embody the situation photographed: waiting for your train at the station, penetrating the yard by the tunnel or checking for a guard presence under a train: pictures and moments that speak to illegal writers but that can also interest the non writer as a documentation book of this secret world that is not easy to be introduced to. The book included also some writers portrait and lifestyle pictures. Also, the author wrote some words about each cities he visited as an introduction to each reports. Honestly, Vandals is a very good surprise. I was always thinking that photograph books about graffiti without graffiti pieces could only be boring after the 20 first pages. In fact it is absolutely not! Each pages turned is a new surprise, a new situation and a new story. I recommend this book to everybody that like action pictures and graffiti. Vandals is definitely the good mix of this two ingredients. Congrats to Nils Müller for this second graff book.
Format: 24 x 30cm, Hardcover, 192 Seiten, Text: englisch, ISBN 978-3-939566-38-0.



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