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Montana spain interviewed Trama at the occasion of a Barcelone visit. Trama tell us about the Finish style, his influences and what change since he started to write letters 20 years ago.

Its been 16 years since you have been to Barcelona, how do you see the city today compared to then?

Wow, I don’t know.. Its too big to say judging from just one weekend, but still nice weather and still nice wine… good drinking, (laughs).
One thing I noticed is that there is a lot more throw-ups and silver pieces than I remembered.

Otherwise you mostly hear of FCBarcelona or demonstrations, and a lot about the economical situation. Personally I don’t care about those things… I come here to see good friends and paint, thats whats most important.

For how long have you been painting?

Since 1986, more or less…

Times are changing, what was the best about the time around when you started to paint?

What I most enjoyed back then must have been interrailing, the late eighties was the best times for me as a writer… it was my ‘romantic fantastic times’. Everything was so new and we met so much new people. We really had to discover everything by ourselves, you know, we had to find the right markers, get the ink from depo places and mix your own ink. Those days where the romantic time in Graffiti for me.

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