The Ultimate Goal of our art is to be timeless

In this present era were internet is everywhere and where bboys and writers have all the newest video, flicks etc… on their iphone. I feel a lot of new people focused on moves instead of movement.

By movement i mean a style of moving which is the flow.
Moves will always be improved by the new generation but the Flow is Timeless…

Old generation was alll about the flow, that’s why it’s a STYLEWARS…and not a Movewars. Style was above everything and in all the element Writing, Djing, Mcing…
maybe the cause is that bboys nowadays want to win battle so they think they need moves.
With dope moves you win competition but with a dope Flow you earn respect.

here is a classsic video that is timless and that will always be like OFFICIAL to me[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv7TPvREf5g[/youtube]


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