The Vandals are United

XX ROMA asked RAP to write something about his journey during the mid 90′s on the Metropolitana.



Beginning of 1995. I was at Opak’s house, and I met Honet who I didn’t know. He told me of the interrail system, a ticket to travel freely in a predefined zone for one month. That day he also told me of the Rome subway, it seems like it never got cleaned. When a writer hears things like that, all he wants is to go see it with his own eyes to believe it. It was the first time I had heard of the Rome subway. In April/May I went on interrail to southern Europe with HONET. When we got to Rome’s Termini station, already we saw some graffiti on the FS commuter trains here and there. His contact through OPAK was CROMO, one of the most active writers in the city, who also painted the first subway in September of 1992. With him we painted the “bridge” lay-up, a couple of pieces and some tags.

Krash by Honet, Vans, Stand MT2. Lido line, 1995.

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