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The guys of Street Art London spok with Sept and Snoe of the TRP (The Rolling People) from the United Kingdom captial. They did a nice Comics concept wall and give us some details about their influences and how they proceed to paint this wall on the East London.

The Rolling People collaboration on Hassard Street, just off Hackney Road is surely a contender for one of the best pieces of the year in London. We talk to The Rolling People who are SCARCE, SEKS, CEPT, BRK, SNOE, EGOE and AZIS.

First of all, can you tell us a little about this work and the inspiration behind it?

Snoe: This piece was designed as a mural celebrating the genius of 1980s Marvel comic book artists such as the master, Stan Lee. When I read these comics as a child, the quality of the artwork added so much to the drama and the intense action which allowed you to be in the story where your imagination became the story’s final author. This took you inside the Earth’s core or to a parallel dimension on the other side of the universe/microverse. Cept has been remixing comic imagery and lichtenstienesque stuff for years and in his recent galactic murals and cosmic collages he & our other members of TRP have used Marvel comics to provide background themes for graffiti productions for a long time.

Cept: Yeah we have all been pulling bits from comics for years, and it’s a staple thing within graff to lift stuff from popular culture, so on this piece we dug into our favorites and rocked them together, we each came with our own bits then worked out how it could flow and connect. Which was easy coz we’re all on the same page when it comes to style and influences. I love all the Dr Strange shit, propper trippy, space funk, master of the forbidden arts mystic stuff. and the way old comics are printed, the style of the line..

Complete interview here.

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