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The Graffiti underworld sub culture on the London Underground has roots going back to the early days of Hip Hop in New York in the 1970‚Äôs. The London Underground is Europe’s largest subway system and is the world’s oldest underground system so it comes as no surprise that there is a huge graffiti scene in London but are the ‚Äúpieces‚Äù that still go on the sides of the train‚Äôs art?

The British Transport Police and the London Underground say that graffiti upsets passengers? And has a detrimental effect on society but the graffiti writers who believe in freedom of speech are of the opinion that their spray can artwork has no victims and it’s a form of expression that has a place in society.

This DVD Documents a covert culture within British social history in which the audience will be viewing “ exclusive footage” from the London Underground graffiti scene. This film is such an important film because it actually captures a point in time when graffiti, Subway Art, Vandalism on the London Underground was at one of its peaks in history from the millennium onwards giving the viewer the opportunity to compare and relate the film to what’s going on around them today.

This is done in order to recognise and document social fashions and changes that matter to the youth and working class of Britain and in order to have an accurate and honest social history.Viewers will be seeing sequences of “Tube Runners”, “Depot Footage” and “Action footage” as well as a “Christmas section”. This exclusive footage has voiceovers from some of the scenes most prolific writers along with archive news footage, CCTV visuals and footage shot by the B.T.P in a Tube Depot. With a soundtrack by “Demon Boys”, ” London Posse”, “Hijack” and more this British Hip Hop DVD is visually compelling, informative and action packed from start to finish.

In January and February 2007 Three of London’s most dedicated and passionate graffiti writers from the East End and Essex sadly lost their lives on London Railways whilst creating their artwork and the second half of this DVD is a tribute to them and their tragically short lives. In this factual, access based documentary style film you will see exclusive, unseen footage of Bradley Chapman “ozone”, Daniel Elgar “wants”, and Paul Johnson “Wazu” along with other archive material.

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