The Deadly Art of Survival – film

Charlie Ahearn’s 1979 martial arts epic, pre-Wild Style. – Before Charlie Ahearn shot his seminal hip-hop film “Wild Style” in 1982, he was directly exposed to the bourgeoning hip-hop, break-dancing and graffiti movement, while shooting his super-8 martial arts epic “The Deadly Art of Survival” around the projects (next door to his apartment) in the Lower East Side in 1979. It stars Nathan Ingram, a true to life martial arts hero, who in this movie version struggles against local drug dealers operating from a rival karate school called the disco dojo. The local handball courts were painted by graffiti legend Lee Quinones, who went on to star in “Wild Style”. This film is a must see for anyone interested in the roots of hip-hop at the intersection of Lower East Side art world, in the late seventies.

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