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Mode2 did an interesting article on his website about the show the TCA SHOW in london from last week.. lots of pictures too

here is an excerpt :

A big“thank you” to all those who managed to show up and get in, last Thursday evening. The Outsiders gallery isindeed not a very big space for such a show, and it was just as hard to squeeze the crowd in there, as it was trying to get all of our work onto the walls.

In the end we had to democratically settle for three pieces per artist, so, with regards to my part, that was only half of what I had. I myself didn’t even get a chance to see what else Zaki, Pride, and Scribla had produced for the show; though I knew that there would only be three pieces from Bando.

Many of you seemed to have really enjoyed the “historical” section upstairs, which got me thinking that we must get back in touch with Andrea Caputo (All City Writers), and get a TCA book out at some point. Given all the fake-ass publications, reference books, and coffee table books that we’ve had these last years; he’s the only guy that I would trust for such an endeavour.

more here

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