Breakin’ is born in a cypher – the crowd would form a circle around a good dancer to watch him get loose on the music at parties or jams. A good BBOY knows how to act in the cypher. He waits for the good moment of the song – listen to the DJ and anticipate his next move – controls his moves so he NEVER hits the crowd – step-out when an O.G. enters at the same time…

The proximity with the crowd allows the dancer to play with his character sometimes funny – sometimes tough – sometime gentlemen. And the crowd gives back the energy by cheering on a fresh move – talking shit on some crash or laughing at a joke. When a BBOY steps in the cypher he puts his reputation to the test. You never know who is waiting around ready to battle you…

Nowadays breakin’ can be seen on TV or on stage and it’s cool because it helps showing it to the world but it can never have the same intensity than inside the cypher.

funky cypher at UK champ 2008


Cypher battle between CASPER (boogie brats) and BORN (rivers crew) 2007



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