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[vimeo]https://vimeo.com/83854312[/vimeo] Spraymasters is documentary  that featured  Lee, Zephyr, Lady Pink and Futura, four ex-graffiti writers that talk about their early years as renegades decorating New York subways with stolen paint, while eluding arrest and putting their lives at risk. Now successful …

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with the styles of Mark, Kade198 TMT, Padre2 TDS, Min & Heist, Sak,Fab5 Freddy, Case2, Zephyr, Tracy168, ChiChi133, Sento TFP.    

SHOW RECAP- Graffiti in the beginning – Spacejunk gallery Lyon Read more

The Spacejunk gallery  (Lyon- France) presents “Graffiti In the Beginning”, a show dedicated to the swish art collector and galerist Willem Speerstra collection. The gallery show the art of 17 NYC trainwriters throught many canvas and sketches painted between 82 …

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with Duster, Zephyr, Revolt, Hims COD by Wane, Futura, Sak

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The G spot Colab¬†conducted this Short interview withThe Enigmatic Zephyr last week. E: You have done quite a few interviews and have been the subject of Articles, Etc. Your History and influence is well documented in the movement. But I‚Äôm …

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