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In february Remio visited Detroit, paint some pieces, write some tags and signed some silkscreen for the guys at 1xRun. The reports of his stay is on this video that also featured Begr, Heal, Pear, Meme and Kuma. 1xRun organised …

Can’t stop throwing up Part 8 : Duel Mci Read more

Classic throwup from Duel Ris (and Ache) , West Coast 2015

Black and white Read more

Here is a few shots taken between Paris and Madrid, these last months. If you like what you see, you can go on my blog, Blackandwrite and share the link!

Remio VTS @BlackRainbow Paris Read more

On monday night was the first show of Remio at Black Rainbow shop in Paris, I’ve met him earlier in the day (i’ll put the photos later), he was painting some canvas and I made some pictures during the opening!

Remio interview Read more

Getnloose interview Remio of the VTS crew. They ask him to answer to 20 questions.Here are the first ones, the rest is here.

Large VTS Read more

The guy from Portland show us some freight action on a video.

Remio 50 flicks Read more

Remio join the 12ozProphet blogger team. At this occasion, 12oz grabbed 50 flicks of the throwie addict guy. By the way, here is the link to his tumblr updated on a daily basis.

Kaput VTS crew blog Read more

Kaput VTS have his on blog after the jump

Remio tumblr opening Read more

Remio VTS THR opened a tumblr. Old and new flicks are upload for our pleasure.

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