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WALL – Zeus40 – I will sleep when I die Read more

New in the Molotow team, Zeus from Naples painted a nice comics style wall. Here are the pictures of the session.

VIDEO – POES _ La gâche Read more

The concept of La Gâche consists of giving a place for artists expression on a wall located in Lyon. Every month a new writers, tatoo artist or whatever in the art mouvement have the opportunity to paint the wall. Poes …


The Guadeloupean writer based in Paris Crazé was interviewed by the guys at Elrincondelasboquillas. Cool style influenced by the parisian and new-yorker scenes. a good mix of letters and backgrounds/caracters, mostly taken from the manga and comics. Read his interview …

Wrung x Nova Dead Read more

Avec la campagne “Just do Art” de la marque Wrung, suivez l’artiste Nova Dead (GT / UB’s / VMD) dans le processus créatif d’un mur qui celebre Paris “La ville Lumiere” et cette video réalisé par Cestdoublev sur une musique …

Silver hit : Diksa Read more

Diksa coming up with the silver hits , both throwie and burner , 2015

CAN’T STOP THROWING UP PT.9 : Dize, Skew, Cubs, Wobe Read more

We were briefly visiting Paris suburbs and gathered with Dize, Skew, Cubs and Wobe to paint a few throw-ups. Here is the recap.  

VIDEO- ZEUS40 Read more

Zeus from Naples finally published his video where you can see him painting styles, throw-ups, caracters on many different locations.Nice video! The soundtrack is pretty nice as well and is produced by Voolcano Harmonix Records.

VIDEO – 5 Minutes with Stereo 1UP VMD Read more

“5 Minutes with” presents a focus on the writers Stereo  from 1UP and VMD  Berlin. On this video you will easiely see how this guy is a polyvalant writers : subway, trains all over the world, handstyles in the streets  …


The writer Poes from VMD and 1UP crew, is not newbie when talking about train writing. The fact remains that he is also a real worker and a true talented canvas painter since years already. He recently start a solo …

While in transit : Skew and Cope2 Read more

Cope2 was in Paris for a minute hanging with Skew for a quick burner action … April, 2015

VIDEO -REZO at Jardin Rouge Read more

The guys at Plan9 Entertainment visited the Jardin Rouge in Marrakech and filmed Reso VMD when he was writing some throw-ups around the spot.

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