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VIDEO – Molotow train x WOK Read more

Our friend Wok of Bandits crew got the chance to paint the famous Molotow train.The guy rom Dresden paint the blue monster with a AC/DC themed production.

VIDEO – Molotow train canvas x Boogie Read more

Check out that step by step short sequence where oogie is painting a New-York cars canvas. Nice flow flow, simple letters!

VIDEO – TCK & KGZ in HAMBURG Read more

Dope short video about the TCK and KGZ paiting trains in the german north city of Hamburg. Two great actions!


Here is a pure train video of Stuttgart with wole train, whole car and panels.


Some weeks ago our mate from Hamburg, Glaze went to the Molotow headquarter and painted the famous Molotow train as some cordboard train. Here is a short recap of that session. Via Molotow.

VIDEO – OMSK KAISY GESER x Molotow train Read more

After GESER painted the Molotow train wholecar, there was some time left for an End2End Production on the other side of the Train, with KAISY and OMSk167. 3 dope production. We particulary liked the dynamic of the  Kaisy one. dope!

VIDEO – GESER x MOLOTOW train Read more

After european Graffiti artists like MadC, Soten, Fino or Boogie, it was about time for Molotow to invite one of their friends from the United States to paint the famous train. He stayed for three rainy days with good talks …

VIDEO – FLAME WARRIORS 01 – Madrid Read more

Here is a new train video straight from Madrid that featured the DRN, LFC and some others with lot of panels, top to bottom and a crazy well-done wall train that run under the rain a this end of the …


The Berlin trainwriter Fino get the oppportunity to paint the famous Molotow car and get filmed for this occasion. The 25 years activist spend his day by sketching in the train and painting the original DB train car of the …

Jers of Blow crew Read more

Spraybeast recently published an awesome picture focus on Jers – Blow crew. More than 70 pieces from him and his crew mates Cyrus, Aley, Maks, posted in 2 parts and pictured around the world. This selection shows us trains, lines, …

VIDEO – JBCB Eros Read more

You may remember that interrail video untitled Quatro Capuccini released at the end of 2013 by the Hamburger Jukebox Cowboys at the occasion of a trip in Italy (if not, you can have a look HERE.). It seems that the …

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