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VIDEO – Wane COD handstyle on a truck Read more

Wane from COD crew did an interesting can test on a truck. The video comes from his instagram that you can find HERE.


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6deFmr2JT1Q[/youtube] TagsAndThrows follows graffiti bomber Alone around the streets of Stockholm, Sweden during 4 nights in the summer of 2013. The viewer is given unique insight in how Alone makes his name famous in the streets. Music by Smutskatt. Narrated …

Flip the Script book review Read more

  When Christian P.Acker is not working as art director for the skateboarding brand Zoo-York, he spends his time working on Handselecta, a font foundry and preservation project documenting graffiti as a form of contemporary calligraphy and transforming handwritten scripts …

Tag book by Clément Criseo and Malou Verlome Read more

Tag is the name of a book written by two guys, Clément Criseo and Malou Verlome, and focus on tags in the cities of Paris, New-York and Sao Paulo. I can’t tell you so much about this book as I …

Surprising Ups Read more

Just strolling the streets , so some surprising ups here and there, first of all : CHINTZ, lost in Paris, seems its him , does it mean subways got hit by the Holy Ghost King in town? After that just …

90 Enquêtes: violences en sous-sol Read more

Going to the yard with a saber  reminded me of the story of the ballbusters raiding the one tunnel in Ny in the 80′s . Fukkin tv reporter trooping with cops… oh well, i guess it is  what it is …

Niels « Shoe » Meulman @ Bkrw Paris Read more

As he got a new book out untitled PAINTER , Niels « Shoe » Meulman had an event in Paris (november 17th 2012) at the BKRW shop in Paris [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF7v4bR_ue0[/youtube]    


Got a phone call from my man TERN from the TEH crew would invited me over to chill with his longtime partner LEGEND. I met him a couple of time, when he was active in the mid 90′s but never met him …

Round Trip – Berlin Edition Read more

Two months ago I spend some time in Berlin. I was not focus on taking handstyles pictures but I finally take a few. This short report doesn’t represent a real pictures of the scene but the interesting stuff I see …

Interview Iser TDC for Herokid Read more

Paris >> SF blog Read more

For those of us that like the Silent Postcards, you could maybe have a look to the blog Paris >> SF. This blog is done by the parisian author of the Postcards, plus an other person in San Francisco. You …

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