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Robbo vs Banksy Read more

  I’m not into street art and never seen Exit Through the Gift Shop (shame on me! haha!) but I heard about the war between Robbo and Banksy that start a few years ago. Today,  I’ve just seen this report …

RCF1 video for M.U.R association Read more

¬†The M.U.R association¬†propose a free wall in the rue Oberkampf in Paris¬† for the street art activists that want to show they work on walls. For the reopen, RCF1 was in charge of making a production. The video show the …

Leclere auction in Marseille Read more

This week-end the 3de Street Art auction was taken place as every year in Marseille. About 150 canvas was presented and a lot of famous writers sell they art at this occasion: JonOne, Crash, Speedy Graphito, Nasty, Dize, Lime, Brusk, …

Ueberdose – Berlin and the rest of the world Read more

?Ç ?Ç ?Ç March update! Webiste : http://ueberdose.de/

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