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A few times ago the 1up crew made a trip to the spanish capital and shown they were here ————————————————————————— Il y a quelques mois, les 1up sont venus à Madrid et en ont profité pour marquer leur passage.  

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Gris interview “Conversation over a bottle of wine” Read more

I read this interview  of the writer GrisOne last month but totaly forget to share it with you. Finally here it is: “Conversation over a bottle of wine”. Who is Gris? Gris is a kid. I am 31 years old …


Fasim will hold a show at BLACKLAB 22 art space here is two videos as preview : [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/59475083[/vimeo] [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/59075209[/vimeo]

Madrid me mata! Read more

Here’s my last adventures in Spain, mostly in Madrid, because I spent my time to eat and doing nothing in Barcelona! More photos are coming!  

Veneno44 – Inauguraci??n Read more

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Pocho part. II Read more

Once again, I’m pleased to show you the Pocho’s style from Alcorc??n. 1st part (all the photos were not taken only in Alcorcon)

Crazy Road Style Read more

Shot in Cerdanyola del valles.

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Daily Spanish News Read more

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