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Graffy.tv #16 Berlin mit Skim, Dejoe & Kry Read more

Graffy.tv followed up Skim , Dejoe and Kry in their latest production (featured in the daily crimes ) at some Berlin’ Hall of fame…   [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T69-Y85viyA[/youtube]    

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Shek and Skim wall Read more

Skim CMD – TCF Exhibition at Yard 5 -Berlin Read more

Berlin Style Writing 2010 Exhibtion Read more

These are some of the Pics from the Berlin Style Writing 2010 Exhibtion . It was a successfull kick off in Tampa Bay Florida to a following USA Tour in 2011. Participating Artists in 2010 were¬† Poet, AkuT, Deko, Migel, …

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