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As we told you some days ago ( HERE), our friend and Lectrics contributor Skew aka Freddy Mack pass away. Since, tones of writers from Paris, New-York, San Fransisco, Lyon and many other places painted memorial pieces for him. As …

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Indie teamed up with Dize and Skew1 for a quick line up . Paris , 2015

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Celph , Skew and Rom repping for BSD Paris , 2015

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Cope2 was in Paris for a minute hanging with Skew for a quick burner action … April, 2015

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Mr Cope2 was in Paris for a min , right before living , he still have some scraps cans to empty . Like if it was an old ny subway , he outlined in a sec the piece and its …

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Meanwhile in Russia … Mr Mick ,Solde and  Skew … [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi465mYrmZ0[/youtube]    

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Writers Diksa and Skew reppin the Nasty Boyz in Paris last week-end and go with their friends Celph1 and Rom.

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Cope2 , Celph and Skew . Paris / 2013

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This is a video taken in the parc of Ivry in the south of Paris. You can see pieces from Seb, Supe, Rom, Diksa , Skew, Orel , Soda, Func88, Thes. Taken by Whatyouwrite from Lectrics

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