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90 Enquêtes: violences en sous-sol Read more

Going to the yard with a saber  reminded me of the story of the ballbusters raiding the one tunnel in Ny in the 80′s . Fukkin tv reporter trooping with cops… oh well, i guess it is  what it is …

Montana Jam report – Los Angeles Read more

Here is a short pics report of the Montana Jam of Los Angeles featuring  Apex, Jase, King 157, Neon, Revok, Rime, Saber, Sever, Vulcan.   More flix via : 12ozprophet

Saber Interview in February issue of Inked Magazine Read more

Check here for the interview: http://www.knowngallery.com/blog/post/saber-interview-in-february-issue-of-inked-magazine ?Ç

Juxtapoz Remix 01 Read more

Cr?ɬ©?ɬ© en 1994 par Robert Williams, un artiste californien, le magazine Juxtapoz a pour vocation de faire d?ɬ©couvrir le mouvement artistique de la c?ɬ¥te ouest des Etats-Unis. Il concentre dans ses pages toute une g?ɬ©n?ɬ©ration d?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢artistes qui souhaitent travailler hors …

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