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Can’t stop throwing up Part 8 : Duel Mci Read more

Classic throwup from Duel Ris (and Ache) , West Coast 2015

VIDEO – Ket Ghost Zeno Bruz painting the ghost yard Read more

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1khn3TetOYc[/youtube] Here is an extract from the Videograf 5 where we see Ket, Ghost, Zeno and Bruz  painting panels and throw-ups on the cars of the famous ghost yard in 1992. Ket and Ghost are interviewed for the occasion. The Rockin …

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

with the styles of DC3 TDC, Revolt,4 times Omni 156, Lee, Ghost RIS and Kurl by Doze. All flicks from HERE, HERE and HERE  

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

RIS book video – fuzz interview Read more

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVNMqI6qZ_Y[/youtube] Some call it art others vandalism. For the members of the infamous RIS crew the label doesn‚Äôt matter. ROCKIN’ IT SUCKERS is the story of New York City’s infamous RIS crew in their heyday, told through their own pictures …

Rockin’it Suckers – video Read more

The inside story of the crew that has kept graffiti alive in New York City for the past 20 years. Some call it art others vandalism. For the members of the infamous RIS crew the label doesn’t matter. ROCKIN’ IT …

JaOne interview on Supreme Read more

¬† Supreme published an interview of the all city legend Ja. This interview was done by Virus. Supreme website, after the jump JA breathes graffiti, he is one of the most prolific and omnipresent bombers in modern graffiti history to …

Ghost event in Copenhagen Read more

Ket Interview Read more

Interview with Alan Ket a raw graffiti artist, founder of Stress Mag and worldwide graffiti consultant. Topic discussed include graffiti history and business, Copenhagen whole cars, Black August and graffiti books. ¬† ¬† FC: Where are you from Ket? Tell …

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