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Interview with the Director of “The rise of graffiti writing – From New-York tu Europe” Read more

Last summer we had a chat with René from Red Tower Films. He told us about the finalization of a report that recounted how graffiti came to Europe. What an exciting subject! We were really looking forward to this first …

FILM – Graffiti dixit Art Read more

Graffiti dixit art is a documentary of 52 minutes about the amercian graffiti and his place in the european art market. Through New-Yorker carrer focus Quik, Blade, Jonone and Seen, the film trace back the graffiti mouvement from his birth to his success …

JAM REPORT – Teenage Kicks in Rennes Read more

From September 6th to October 6th took place a huge event in Rennes and Saint Malo (west of France). Many writers, many exhibitions  and many wall were painted. The website of the event show us thousand of pictures of this …

Against the grey – video graff report in Frankfurt Read more

  Nice half an hour report about graffiti in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) with the interview of writers and  street artists like Rush, DNS crew, Denk, Peng, Spot and an anti-graffiti policemen. It’s an introduction to graffiti, very good filmed and intersting (only …

Robbo vs Banksy Read more

  I’m not into street art and never seen Exit Through the Gift Shop (shame on me! haha!) but I heard about the war between Robbo and Banksy that start a few years ago. Today,  I’ve just seen this report …

Jon 156 – Abstractions video report Read more

  via WYW

Plads til Graffiti 2010 report Read more

Plads til Graffiti is a jam the took place last week-end in Copenhagen. Here is a few flix found on the Toys crew blog. The complete report after the jump.

Tivoli Graffiti Jam – Dublin jam video report Read more

¬† Basically¬†I don’t like to post the info that all the online mags and blogs already published, but for this video I have to do it…good an short report of a jam that had lot of big names on his …

Os Gemeos Vertigem report Read more

Taking place at the Brazilian Art Museum, celebrated street artists Os Gemeos opened their latest exhibition in their hometown of Sao Paulo, entitled Vertigem, meaning Vertigo in Portuguese. The show, extravagant as ever, featured an amazing display of the Brazilian …

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