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VIDEO – Rage in St Petersburg Read more

Our mate Rage – Take This  crew – from Vitoria got a video interview at the occasion of the St Petersburg Jam of October 2014. A pitty it’s not translated into English, but always good see Rage in video.


Nomad OBS Ante Kerts – DFP Town – DNS crew Fasim – TDS crew Bendito Rage – 104 crew 1dex – 69ers & Sonick PNC Dize – VMD picture taken in 2000 Enta – GFA

LECTRICS INTERVIEW – BENDITO RAGE (Take This – M1P- 104 crew) Read more

    We met Bentio Rage for the first time 4 years ago. The Spanish writer surprised us with his talent and freshness, but also with his humility. Today he grants us an interview and we have to admit he …

VIDEO – More, Rage, Frik, Copsa…wall in Vitoria Read more

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jij2zZdahWc[/youtube] More and Copsa visited their friends in Vitoria and painted a nice wal together with the local writers: Rage aka L.Sprit, Frik, Zeman, Nohi and Keros. The video is produced by Fatshows Ent. and edited by DreamRider Artworks. The music …

The Daily Crimes Read more

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The Daily Crimes Read more

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Tales from Berlin Read more

Styles from Berlin feat.: DEJOE, PEKOR, HOCUS, RAGE, RAWS, TYOS, DZENT, RIOT [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNlLSKdKWxM[/youtube] VIDEO BY: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RAWSone-aka-kans/196188010424996 MUSIC BY: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Prime-Time-Beats/105651766271194

Rage on the move Read more

Rage was in Lyon two weeks ago. Just before he was in Switzerland to meet Kash, Serval and the 7 dollars. I found a tour recap here. Check the MTN link for more flix!

Unlike U – Pesd Rage video Read more


Muralia Jam – Frik-Rage-Ogre-… Read more

Muralia 2010 is the name of a jam organised in Vitoria( a city in the North of Spain) by a few writers. Here is the results of the walls painted in streets of the city by Rage, Frik, Ogre, Aroe, …

Potos Carr?©s Festival St Etienne – The report Read more

We were invited to the hip-hop festival Poto Carr?©s last Sunday in Saint Etienne.¬†It was a¬†nice day jam by nice¬†peoples. A few international writers and some local names spend time to paint nice pieces when DJs play¬†hits on their turntables. …

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