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VIDEO – Keno & Pone for the new EP Erratic Impulses Read more

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXO32ZQjn7A[/youtube]  DJ Pone is many late 90s rappers former DJ for, as Fabe, Scred Connexion, Triptik or the Swinkels. He is also part of  the DJ crew founded by Cut Killer, Double H and then later on Birdy Nam Nam …

Round Trip : Ams’ Edition Read more

Did a round trip to Amsterdam the other day , havent went to the city in the last 15 years, not much change except that the buff is hard and mad history pieces got cleaned. Still some writer on tour …

Focus on Pone FATSK VMD – 50 flix Read more

Pone (AOC, KSF, VMD, NAM, FATSK)is mutli-talent writer from Paris. He write the streets with t-ups, tags and pieces. He is also a train addict, always ready for a trip all over Europe. We like is stuff and it‚Äôs a …

13/09/09 Flick Update Read more

A special handstyle. Flix of o’clock, mosa, ocho, pone, poes…

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Fat week Read more

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Fat Skool week Read more

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Fat week Read more

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Fat Fatsk Fatskool week Read more

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