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Xplorer meeting – report by A76 Read more

Aple76 is one of the cool guy I know: writer, grafic designer, funny joker, italian food eater … and also talented photographer. Member of the Lectrics team, he always take pictures of our meetings. On our Xplorer session of last …

Aple76 x Berlin 2004 Read more

Aple76 is a writer but you may know that he is also a good photographer. He update yesterday is website with a few pictures he takes in 2004 at the occasion of travel in Berlin . I posted a few …

Supadope photoshoots – Lectrics week-end Read more

My homie and photographer Supadope visit us at our playground last week-end when we was¬†painting a Lectrics VS Molotow wall. He make as usual cool action shots from all of us. Here is a few of them.¬† If you want …

1% Streetfiles Photos Exhibition Read more

1% Streetfiles As part of the Islandea Exhibition (Graffest) in Gda?Ö‚Äûsk, Poland about 1.000 selected Streetfiles photos (ie 1% of the database files) are shown. That is an impressive amount, but also an illustration of the versatility of the works …

Mister-T Photograph Read more

?Ç ?Ç For those that don’t know this full talent photogrpah from Paris : http://www.fotolog.com/mister_t

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