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Phos4 & Sick Read more

Those pieces are new to me. Sick and Phos. Letters by Phos. via

Pro in Berlin report Read more

Pro76 was a week in Berlin and paint about 8 pieces. You can find on his blog a few sessions with the local talented writers after the jump. More to come in the next days.      

Phos-Jack-Deko-Kane-Miguel wall in Berlin Read more

Check the Yard 5 blog for the complete wall, after the jump.

Yard 5 Jam 2009- Berlin – The report Pt.1 Read more

¬†As last Year the Yard 5 Jam was taken place in the Lunas StrandGarten.This amazing place in the Friedrichshain¬†district is the perfect area to organize a graffiti jam. Yard 5 invite real old school Berlin city names and their GOD …

Berlin Read more

?Ç More Berlin old and mid school?Ç stuff on the Karte portfolio: ?Ç http://streetfiles.org/karte-hcf-hsk

Poet and GFA Read more

More GFA stuff : http://streetfiles.org/gfacrew

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