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VIDEO -Alexandre Bavard report by Arte Read more

Arte presents a new interesting documentary that featured Alexandre Bavard known in the street under the name of Mosa PAL. This will probably sound very arty for some of you but here at lectrics we find it exciting and interessting …

VIDEO – MOSA x PAL Interview Read more

Great interview of Mosa PAL about his art in the street and in the gallery. Mosa tell us how important is the mouvement on his art.

VIDEO – Mosa Pal “Slowmomo” Read more

Mosa released a new handstyle video based on movement and dance. always nice to see how instinctive he is writing. props!


Mosa from PAL is back with a 90′s fish eye video untitled 93000 “Spiritual Warrior”. This about 5 minutes pure quality video is focused on handstyles and pieces in Paris wasteland. Only spontaneity. Highly recommended! And for thos that missed …

INTERVIEW – MOSA X PAL crew Read more

The web zine Graffdonuts recently post a bi-langual French/ English interview of Mosa from PAL crew. They put also a lot of pieces and canvas that you can watch HERE.

VIDEO- MOSA PAL x 75000 Read more

Mosa from PAL released a new video untitled 75000. It’s a briliant video far away from what you see everyday on the graff sphere. Here, it’s all about mouvement, curves, lines and poetry. A true handstyle anthem for all the …

SAEIO/GUES NEW FANZINE “un portrait de catherine” and “fresh widow” Read more

2 NEW PAL’S ZIN GUES/ Errance en milieu urbain 50 exemplaires 88 pages (12 en couleur) 14.2 X 20 cm already sold out but check the video :

MOSA PAL Read more

Always impressive to see how Mosa PAL is influenced by UFOs, planets and cosmos and how he put it on his painting. Very personal and far away from what we can see actualy on many mainstream styles. Those three pieces …


The crew of video producer Sofarida released a video about Horfee PAL painting a Paris rooftop in 2009. A nice video that show us how spontaneous is Horfee.

WALLS – MOSA87 PAL & WOBE79 DFP Read more

My good friend Mosa of PAL was a few days in Lyon. Weather was ok, so we had to paint some black and white pieces. Here is the recap of that session. If you want to know more about Mosa, …

BOOK REVIEW – FLASH by Thorfine Read more

Flash is the title of a photography book realized and edited in total independance by Thorfine. In this book you will find exclusive lifestyle pictures of the parisian groups VMD, PAL and KSF taken on trips in Miami, Brussels, New-York, …

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