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VIDEO – Vulcan 420 Superburner Read more

Let’s back in 2011 and watch that video of the stylemaster Vulcan painting a huge wall with his unique style. The old-timer is also interviewed and speak about spraycan and style. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t101t9_PZqg[/youtube]

VIDEO – Wane COD handstyle on a truck Read more

Wane from COD crew did an interesting can test on a truck. The video comes from his instagram that you can find HERE.

WEB – 3 aces x Abyss Read more

Montana World web show us 3 burners done by the Swedish guy, Abyss. More than the pieces that are for many of you already known (the first one with Sken was new to me), this is the Abyss explanation that …

Bates in Montpellier- recap Read more

For a few weeks, Bates was in Montpellier at the occasion of his personnal exhibition “Bites and Pieces” at the Montana Gallery. Here is a short recap of the show (more pictures here). He also spend some times to paint a wall …

Bates “Bits and Pieces” – Montpellier show Read more

Bates will be in Montpellier on June 7th for his exhibition called “Bits and Pieces” that will take place at the Montana gallery of Montpellier. Bates will bring new larges canvas but also smaller older ones and about 20 outlines/sketches. …

New Gris1 video Read more

Gris1 went in Spain a few weeks ago, he painted in Barcelona for the spraycan brand Montana . He choose the Amore Rosa color paint. What a good color for such piece! Props to Gris1 & TRZ! [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/64789977[/vimeo]

MTN Diaries video Pt.2 Read more

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/64031852[/vimeo] Montana Spain released a new chapter of the their Montana Diaries. This time they bring us  in Athens and Milan for some subways and train actions. The journey ends up in the streets of Paris once again, for a …

Egs WMD video Read more

One more new video to promote a cans company…but I have to admit that MTN is  always doing this fine (remember this? ). To promote their new colors they ask some respectable writers to paint a piece with one color …

All Day Long Madrid Read more

    For many writers its hard to make a difference wether graffiti is a hobby or a disease. In terms of diseases Madrid is a city quite infected by this beautiful virus. A perfect sample of this widely spread …

HIGHLIGHTS TV: NUG and Montana Ultra Wide Chrome Read more

A couple of month ago Montana Cans released their 750ml ULTRA WIDE chrome, the fastest and wides spray can seen so far. We thought we should do a test with someone we knew would appreciate this monster can so we …

PUBB wall again Read more

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