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Graffiti writer from the 70′s, Lee was part of the Fab5 crew of Mono, Slug, Slave, Doc,Prof, Sony and a few others. Lee was a king of writing in the early New-York subway golden age and became famous for his …

The daily old crimes Pt.45 Read more

Including letters by Blade, Ghost RIS, Dondi, Fuzz, Iz the Wiz, Lee, Ket, Dondi CIA and Trady168  


[vimeo]https://vimeo.com/83854312[/vimeo] Spraymasters is documentary  that featured  Lee, Zephyr, Lady Pink and Futura, four ex-graffiti writers that talk about their early years as renegades decorating New York subways with stolen paint, while eluding arrest and putting their lives at risk. Now successful …

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

with the styles of DC3 TDC, Revolt,4 times Omni 156, Lee, Ghost RIS and Kurl by Doze. All flicks from HERE, HERE and HERE  

SHOW RECAP- Graffiti in the beginning – Spacejunk gallery Lyon Read more

The Spacejunk gallery  (Lyon- France) presents “Graffiti In the Beginning”, a show dedicated to the swish art collector and galerist Willem Speerstra collection. The gallery show the art of 17 NYC trainwriters throught many canvas and sketches painted between 82 …

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

with Solve by Ghost RIS, Lee, Comet, Duster and Seen      

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

The Daily Old Crimes Read more


Lee video interview from 1989 Read more

  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wArfro6cfT0[/youtube] Spin from TFS interview the NYC subway writerLee (Fab 5) in 1989. Lee still to me one the best that combine perfectly letters style, characters and background. It’s quite impressive to see how this guy influenced so much …

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