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BOOK REVIEW – FLASH by Thorfine Read more

Flash is the title of a photography book realized and edited in total independance by Thorfine. In this book you will find exclusive lifestyle pictures of the parisian groups VMD, PAL and KSF taken on trips in Miami, Brussels, New-York, …

VIDEO – WIRE of GT VMD Read more

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN5KsOd78FQ[/youtube] Wire of the GT and VMD crew presents a video where he is painting on a wall in Colombes (Nord West of Paris). Let us take advantage of this news to watch some pieces he did in the past …

Wrung “Propagande 2013″ (teaser) Read more

Teaser for Wrung Division brand’s street campaign taking over Paris, featuring KSF and VMD writers. Style, art, music, lifestyle and culture since 1995 (for more info, log on: www.wrung.fr). Real: Flow Motion – Paris.   [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIvNXJjzwbc[/youtube]

KOOL URE Read more

Kool Ure is the name of the¬†web of Rue (Ure) from VMD, KSF. I found terrible handstyles and t-ups there. If you like the good lines you may for sure like the Kool Ure web. Below a few selected cool …

Borderlines exhibition by Tomek – report Read more

Silentpostcards posted a great report on the Tomek show. More flix after the jump.

Tomek VMD KSF flix Read more

Street backpackers selected a few Tomek handstyles and pieces.

Akise VMD KSF blog Read more

Akise of VMD and KSF crew, have is own blog . You will see tags, pieces, lifestyle flix of him and of his partners.   The Anakise blog after the jump

Dize new pieces Read more

via Dizaster blog

Focus on Pone FATSK VMD – 50 flix Read more

Pone (AOC, KSF, VMD, NAM, FATSK)is mutli-talent writer from Paris. He write the streets with t-ups, tags and pieces. He is also a train addict, always ready for a trip all over Europe. We like is stuff and it‚Äôs a …

Paris street paint Read more

Streetz Read more

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