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Last week-end was the Concrete Kingz hip-hop event in Stockholm with a limited but dope stylewriting line-up: Kurir, Kid Kash and Abyss. Seems it was a good mix between style and hip-hop tradition! Don’t forget to click on the pictures …


  Concret Kings present the event “15 years of Funk” in Stockholm with Djing, B-Boying and graffiti. According to the line-up it should be a nice show. Mad props to Kash for that amazing poster! More info HERE  

The Daily Crimes Read more

with the styles of Egs, Bates, Vatos, News, Form, Dize, Josh, Jurne, Tiws, Skeo, Kash, Tomek, Mosa via/via/via/via/via/via/via/via/via/via

Somey – Kash – Skey Brussels Read more

About 2 months ago Kash visited Brussels. For the occasion he paint a piece with the right local guys Somey and Skey of Wizards crew. High definition pictures and more about the Wizards here.  

Xplorer meeting – report by A76 Read more

Aple76 is one of the cool guy I know: writer, grafic designer, funny joker, italian food eater … and also talented photographer. Member of the Lectrics team, he always take pictures of our meetings. On our Xplorer session of last …

Xplorer meeting – Gris1 x Kid Kash x Aple76 x Bewo Read more

Gris1, Aple76, Kid Kash and I are good friends since many years . A few month ago, we found quite nice to consolidated this friendship and our love for exploring new styles and letters form on a crew. We found …

Kash – 7 Dollars – Black book session Pt.2 Read more

Last month I took some pictures of the Kash black book and wanted to share them with you. I also asked Kash if he can let us know whats sketching stand for him. —————— I always thought style is the most …

Oare wear new t-shirts : Kash & Dize Read more

Our friends at Oare just released two new t-shirts done by the writers Kash (7 Dollars) from Lausanne and Dize (VMD) from Paris. They also  refresh their website. That’s two good reason to click here.

Lectrics wall – Planet Rock by Kid Kash & Bewo Read more

Last week-end I visited my good friend Kash in Lausanne and painted a Lectrics wall with him on this occasion. We did a Planet Rock concept wall: flying boom box, spaceship tape and cosmic background were the ingredients of this …

Kash x Dize x Ryos Read more

Our friends Kash, Ryos from 7 Dollars and Dize (and some others people) paint a nice wall together. I found the picture on Dize blog.

Kash, Aple76, Izzy walls – Sorry for your wall Read more

Aple76 (VMD, Adult Entertainment) , Kash(7 Dollars crew) and Izzy(Adult Entertainment, All You can Eat) joined up in Lyon (France) to paint 2 walls.¬† Special guest appearing of Garfield the Cat¬† painting with the Montana Black! ¬†Check the walls at …

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