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INTERVIEW -Jayone & Chaze by Konbini Read more

French web magazine Konbini interview the GT guys Jayone and Chaze at the occasion of the new video track “Indelebile” produced by Chaze and directed by JayOne. Read the interview by clicking HERE. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMyZr-XiCpw[/youtube]

MUSIC Chaze GT “Indelible” Read more

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMyZr-XiCpw[/youtube] Chaze from Grim Team produce a new song untitled Indelible. Here is the video of that song directed by JayOne himself and produced by Pierre Cazenave & Naza Giral. The video is quite impressive as it contains many NYC 70′s …

Jay1 sketches Read more

Jay1 post some sketch pictures on his instagram account. As you can see, the Black Pee style not loose is style lettering ! More about him here  

SKKI t-shirt for sale Read more

I would not expect that Skki will one day print a t-shirt. But he did! It’s a limited edition for the brand/crew Grim Team. Skki write one of these typical sentence he use to write in the streets and gallery since many years. For …

God Is Good wall by JayOne Read more

Jay Ramier still have the right style that let you think you need to progress!   via Etchasketch

Les Bains 2013 feat JayOne, Ash, Skki, Futura and many more Read more

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcV3ELYinHQ[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srX0qMBTHIo[/youtube] The project will become apparent step by step following the work in real time of the artists. Until the 30th April 2013, the event of the spring will exclusively unveil the works on the web. An ephemeral exhibition …

Les editions pénibles -Earl VAD & Jayone BBC Read more

Some new silkscreen are available at Les éditions pénibles. The first one is made by Earl from VAD and the two others by Jayone. More information (a better pics quality) and ordering, check here.  

Black Petty Booshwah…. Jay Ramier (opening @ gallery Lavignes 15/01/2013) Read more

Last night took place the opening of the new exhibition by Jayone Bbc   in Paris at the gallery Lavignes. With such an inspiring title , Black Petty Booshwah,  the BlackPicasso expresses his art with a light pastel color palette contrasting with the black face of …

Jay One – Exhibition in Paris Read more

Beginning of the month we posted the trailer of new JayOne show called Black Petty Booshwash. I just wanted to remind you that the exhibition start January 15th at Lavignes Bastille in the 11th district, Paris. I will miss the opening …

Mouvement. book and pictures Read more

You should know about this famous book called Mouvement. Released last year by Jay Ramier, Marc Boudet and Yoshi Omori. If not, this a photo book about the hip-hop golden age  in Paris. The focus is done on two major …

JAYONE : Black Petty Booshwah @ GALLERY LAVIGNES Read more

JAYONE  from the BADBC is about to hold a new show untitled Black Petty Booshwah.  The self-proclaimed ‘BlackPicasso’  will be displaying his fresh modern and Jazzy atmosphere at the Gallery Lavignes in Paris on the 15th of January thru the whole month.. Here is …

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